Nokia N9 - The best Windows Mobile Phone

Not like the new Nokia N9 handset that has been desperately looked after by smart mobile users. The newest Nokia mobile is yet to hit the market but it has recently become the talk from the town. It is expected to come packed with plenty of features and applications which will make conversing a lot easier. The maker has kept its cards close to its chest since it is discouraging every attempt by crazy users to possess a glimpse of the phone however the inside sources revealed some of the interesting pictures featuring of the Nokia N9. Mobile Phone

The unit looks impressive about the leaked Internet pictures and it's also said that it will run using both the 2G and 3G networks therefore, the users can expect high speed data transfer and excellent connectivity with N9 phone. Offline isn't an option for today's generation as well as the ideal way to stay connected with your friends is using a Nokia smartphone. N9 has HSPDA, HSUPA, and Wi-Fi features in addition to GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth connectivity. The maker knows that the user requires an efficient CPU to use Internet and that's why it has installed with 1GHz Cortex A8 CPU. Even the phone is blessed with MeeGo OS, v1.2 Harmattan and possesses internal memory of 16/64 GB with 1GB RAM for smoother transitions. It may open MS Word documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF) and capable to give a complete experience of your personal PC.

Nokia N9 has something for everyone as this is apparent from the other features. The handset scores high on communication area that includes voice call, video call, texting and email. The decently set virtual QWERTY keypad works just like a breeze and helps users type messages and write mails just like on desktop keyboard. Typed alphabets look like tiny sparkling stars about the AMOLED capacitive touch screen that reveals 16M colors. The screen is large enough to display the whole 160 character text message and the users won't need to scroll up or down to learn the message. But the real attractiveness of the screen is this that it is soothing to eyes and users is not going to feel strain on their delicate eyes when reading messages, mails or surfing Websites.

Today, mobiles can be used for taking pictures and making videos but none of them of the handsets available in the market are competent enough to become called as a camera phone. But after going through the camera features of the latest Nokia N9, the users will consent to the assumption that this is the phone in the market that may be termed as a camera phone. N9 boasts a powerful 8 megapixel camera fitted with Carl Zeiss optics and supported by autofocus and dual LED flash for extreme clarity in images & videos. Also, it provides a secondary VGA camera probably for video calling. Mobile Phone

As revealed on the internet, the N9 has intriguing games, amazing audio features and a unique active noise cancellation technology with dedicated mic feature for sending or receiving really clear voices without any interruptions. It's not possible to summarize full functionalities of Nokia N9 in many hundred words because it is going to change the rules with the game.


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